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You’re my deepest hurt. The songs. The sights. The situations. I’m always reminded of you.
Maybe one day he will learn how good he had it...maybe he won’t. Either way, you will find peace from losing toxicity from your life.
Every single drop of tears is priceless, maintain your smile in the face while you cry inside the heart.
I am the pencil and the eraser to my own story, but for some reason I keep choosing to write in pen.
I send my text knowing that the feelings aren't there, yet I'm incapable of not pressing send.
You only hear the music when your heart starts to break.
Not everyone who is single is lonely, not everyone who is taken is in love.
Not everyone who is single is lonely; not everyone who is taken is in love.
I understand how I keep losing myself in your eyes no matter how hard I try to stop loving you.
I drown myself in music to ignore the fact that all my friends are relationships and I am the only one who is single.