Random inspiring quotes

That awkward moment when you're smiling at your phone/computer, and your parents ask you who you're talking to.
Be kind to others because remember friends won't be there forever and if they are they might not be true friends.
That awkward moment when someone gives you a compliment and you can't think of one in return.
I would rather live in my dreams because they are the most insane things that happens to me.
You're leaving because it's easier to walk away than fight for what you really want.
Finding the right one is like finding yourself. Liking the same things, enjoying the same things, & laughing at the same things, and being yourselves.
It's more easy faking a smile than explaining why you are sad.
Love endures everything. It's pure. It's not dependent upon height, weight, properties or looks. So no matter what size you are true love will come to you one day.
Deep down we all need that one person. Nonetheless how much ever we deny it. It's a fact that remains unchanged.
Hello, you might be going through something in your life that makes you feel helpless and alone. But I can tell you this, you 100 percent do have a future. Your future might be something entirely different then what you expected it to be, but that's ok. Different is not always bad.