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If someone betrays you once, they're going to do it again. So stop telling yourself that they won't.
I remember the day you started getting annoyed with me.
When the world is dark and cruel, rise above it, for you will always be better than your circumstances.
I need you to know that everyone feels this way, I need you to know it's going to be okay.
It's always going to come back, because I let it. I retract, because it's easier to forget this.

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To be lonely is dangerous. But to feel lonely despite your company is even more dangerous.
When she looked in the mirror, all she saw was tear-filled green eyes hiding a story no one would understand.
You're so damn mysterious. And I love every bit of it.
I forward all my inner demons, went to battle with all my closest friends, I'm nothing more than a human-being. Nobody's perfect, just learn your lesson in the end.
You're not living life for your comfort zone, you're just wasting valuable time. You see I'm always ready, set to go. Follow me, it's gonna be a hell of full ride.