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My heart is still amused by the way it was abused.
Successful people have two things in their life: either true love or a broken heart.
Don’t push me away because you're moody, bring your sassy butt back over here and talk to me because that's the only way we will work this out.
When you treat me the way you do, yet you still wonder why I stay. Maybe it’s because I love you, you're just too stubborn to accept it.
When you lay awake at night, thinking where we went wrong... Remember I didn't walk away, you just didn’t give me a reason to stay.

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Don’t push me away and then wonder where I went, because clearly I didn’t mean anything to you.
Oh, darling. Don't you understand? It just feels so right.
Her eyes were like snow falling onto a mountain, consumed by it. But always, always cold and seemingly seeking that warmth that was foreign to her.
She told me that I'm not enough and she left me with a broken heart.
You'll never be alone. I'll be with you from dusk till dawn.