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The greatest achievement you can achieve is proving people wrong especially those who doubt you.
The worst thing a person can ever see and do is see their mother cry and be the reason why she is crying.
The best thing a human being can ever do is try and try again.
Love is blind, love can hurt. But love can cure, it is our choice to choose what love does.
I do it because I can, I can do it because I love to do it.

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No matter how long you've known someone, you're bound to drift apart from them unless you stop it.
You never know who your true friends are until you go separate paths and see if they keep in touch with you.
Sometimes, people are beautiful. Not in the way they look. Not in the way they talk. But in the way they are.
Missing you comes in waves, and tonight i'm drowning.
Focusing on your purpose is everything. Don’t allow negativity to distract you from where you’re headed.