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Don’t ask me for favours after breaking my heart like it was a pencil.
Here I am suffering and yet you still have a hold over me.
The worst feeling is looking at your crush loving another person rather than you.
Loving someone is to put the efforts and do whatever it takes to be with him/her.
Do what you love rather doing what you hate because at the end you have to suffer

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I stand there, everything should feel fine, but it doesn't. Because you're not with me and you're not the one I should want.
I love your weird, crazy, beautiful sense of humor.
Do not give up on him. You have no idea how damn hard I tried to make him love me – the way he loves you. You better give him absolutely everything you got because you don’t know the pain I went through watching someone like him love someone else.
Oh, honey. Just tell me you're gonna be the one for me.
Everything. It’s going all wrong. I don’t know who to turn to. What to do. Everything. It’s all wrong.