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Typing in my phone password requires maximum attention.
I send my text knowing that the feelings aren't there, yet I'm incapable of not pressing send.
I break a little more inside every time I see you two together.
I see you with her and the pain is overwhelming, your happiness is brighter than it's ever been.
I am the reason why there is very little snack food in the house.

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You are the stethoscope for me, without you I can't be able to feel my heart beat.
I wish you could see it the way I do. That we may only have today and I can't stop loving you.
If your partner isn't the first person you think of when you're awake, do you really love them?
He's got mesmerizing eyes I can't handle to look at.
You called me yours, I called you mine. But in this river of words, we created a sea of lies.