Latest published quotes

The moment when you wake up and you realize it's Monday. That feeling is unlike any other.
My dentist said I needed a crown, I was like "I know right!"
Laughter is the best medicine, but if you're laughing for no reason you need medicine.
When I text "ok": My parents: "oh she said ok! That means everything is good and fine!" My friends: Omg she said ok... She's so pissed off... EVERYONE DUCK AND COVER!!!!!!!
Those who are really important to me never have to doubt it their importance. So if you're doubting... you're probably not that important to me.
I do not often show affection, but when I do, you can be sure it's genuine.
Don't spend time thinking about your past or what's going to happen in the future. Just think about the "now", deal with the problems when they come. Don't spend time worrying, you achieve nothing from it. Just go with the flow, not against it.
Don't waste your time on people who don't appreciate you.
It only hurts so much to have to say "It's fine, I'm used to it".
The world is hell, but the only source of heaven is doing things you enjoy and having people who care for you, that's why we call it life.