Latest published quotes

Embrace your imperfections that may never heal, for not even your reflections can ever seal.
I rather be constipated by the bitterness of my cigarette than be overwhelmed by your sweet lies.
He is my universe but for him, I'm just another star in a millions.
Sleeping is great, it stops the pain for awhile but then you wake up and it starts all over again.
Just because I walked away doesn’t mean I’m over you. But because you didn’t stop me I guess you’ll never know.
Don’t ask me for favours after breaking my heart like it was a pencil.
Here I am suffering and yet you still have a hold over me.
The worst feeling is looking at your crush loving another person rather than you.
Loving someone is to put the efforts and do whatever it takes to be with him/her.
Do what you love rather doing what you hate because at the end you have to suffer