That moment you ask your guy bestfriend who they have a crush on and their response is "can't tell you it'll be weird" then they finally say "you"!
As the glow gradually faded away, we had each other for warmth.
Boy's, if you don't look like a Calvin Klein model, then don't expect all girls to look like Victoria's Secret angels.
If living is following your dream or fulfilling your destiny, I have yet to be born. Or maybe I already died. I can't tell.
I don't understand how we're not meant to be when I see you in the guy that's standing right in front of me.
Do you ever have so much to say to someone that it's best to just not say anything at all?
Not everyone who is single is lonely, not everyone who is taken is in love.
No matter how strong a girl is, she always has a breaking point.
That moment when you realize you have a crush on your best friends' boy friend.
When you used to have a guy best friend who meant the world to you. Now you don't even talk.