Latest published quotes

I forward all my inner demons, went to battle with all my closest friends, I'm nothing more than a human-being. Nobody's perfect, just learn your lesson in the end.
You're not living life for your comfort zone, you're just wasting valuable time. You see I'm always ready, set to go. Follow me, it's gonna be a hell of full ride.
You know everything happens for a reason, even when it feels like sitting in darkness. Nobody told you that this life was easy, so when it kicks you down, you get up, regardless.
Life is a funny way of showing itself, and a funny way of prooving you're wrong.
Even if I'm no more in this earth, the nature we both went along will remind you our sweet memories.
It's very hard to trust our own shadow in today's world. When you're in bad situation, how sure are you that your shadow will company you ?
Every single drop of tears is priceless, maintain your smile in the face while you cry inside the heart.
There is moon, there are stars, and there is you, so deep into my heart.
Don't let anxiety fill you with fear, I promise you are much stronger than you think you are.
Everything happens for a reason, so just wait, your moment is coming darling.