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I thought being perfect would bring me success, and success would make me happy. But it was when I gave up trying to be perfect, that I started to become happier.
That moment when I don't know whether to hug or yell at someone. And I end up yelling at them because that's the safer thing to do. Hugging them would show that I care. And how dangerous is that?
Sometimes its okay to not be the knight in shining armor. Just be brave enough to stand up for her and be with her.
There are times when situation changes you into a person you hated your whole life. The irony is that you can't change yourself back because you love the new you.
The best warriors are the ones who can endure the pain of rejection, depression and poverty and move on from it. because they are the ones who can tell you the importance of love, death and family.
Are wrong decisions wrong or actually just another way to see them?
How can you be happy when no one truly knows the real you?
When you have to go to bed in less than an hour and it's a schoolnight and you haven't done your homework.
Drawing like 'in a couple months to a year, I am going to hate this.'
I have 222 tabs open on Safari on my phone. "Should I close this tab? I might need to reference it later. Keep it open."