I don't want to forget about us, or about you. I just wanna learn how to swim when you're not there to catch me if I drown. I want to find myself and make it better.
Your skin color does not define you, you define who you are.
Your grades do not define who you are, you define your grades. After all it is a reflection of your attitude.
My philosophy is my birthday is every single day, because I get to wake up. That is the greatest present I can ever get.
The only way to stop dreaming your life is to start living your life.
You know that moment when you like someone so much that you miss them, without even being in a relationship with them. Because, I know that feeling.
We've already known how to love others. But we often can't do in the way because we don't wanna be hurt anymore.
You should already provide yourself with enough love to get by then if someone else comes it's just a bonus you deserve.
The misconception is that love has to be our saving grace but honey no, it has to be the icing on the cake.
You should be able to say all the great things you say about your partner about yourself.