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Real men don't date the most beautiful girl in the world... They date the girl who makes their world the most beautiful.
Guys: they may disappoint you time and time again but their willingness to learn from their mistakes and do anything to make up for them is what drives myself keep em around.
I am not flirt. I am just friendly and sweet. Always remember that.
Your eyes were placed in the front of your head because it's better to look ahead than behind you.
Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story.
Choose me or lose me, i'm not a back-up plan and definitely not a second choice.
I wish they could know how much their words make me want nothingness: no me, no anything, no life. But they continue on without understanding their damage.
Love is the search for the one that will be there to share your pain when it becomes unbearable to handle on your own and will smile, laugh, cry, and suffer with you because they care about you more than themselves.
When the past calls, let it go to voice mail. It has nothing new to say.
Never say sorry for who you are. It's not your problem, it's theirs.
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