I would be perfectly happy just living in a bubble with unlimited wi-fi and food.
The difference between me and calendars, is that they have dates.
Everything seems to collapse when you face an obstacle you think you can't defeat.
I'm me, you're you, be happy with who you are, because everyone has something special in them.
Be the light that shines bright and makes the dark disappear.
My world has crumbled and my heart has shattered for the last time. This time when I pick up the pieces I'll make sure they stay together.
A relationship is more than finding the right person, it's also about being the right person.
I want to go to sleep at night, wake up every day, and breathe knowing you are truly mine.
What hurts is when a possibility you had is taken away from you, like all you can do is wonder what life would have been like if that possibility was possible and if you had taken it.
Every teardrop is a waterfall of emotions. Whether in joy or in pain.