Never leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they loved.
I feel sorry for you, little do you know what goes around comes around. You play the victim so well, one day you'll realize what you've done and will only have yourself to blame.
Why do parents say that we should go outside but when we do, we are warned about paedophiles and rapists?
Life is just too short to waste time matching socks.
I've got about as much chance of getting in a relationship as that squirrel in Ice Age has of finally getting that nut.
Wishing to be someone else is just a total waste of the person you are.
That awkward moment when someone gives you a compliment and you can't think of one in return.
Cool people aren't the ones who smoke and turn up 24/7. Cool people are the ones who are strong!
I fall not because I want anything from you, but because I can't stop loving you.
You taught me everything... That is the cause that I can't live without you.