I smile at everyone. If someone asks "Why are you always smiling?" I'll answer "Because I'm always happy".
I smile to people so they won't worry. It doesn't make me strong, it doesn't make me weak, it keeps me from being a burden to you.
Some thwacks are not really fit for public advert. Some sees it's good for you but others might think you're bragging.
I already killed someone. You see, I already killed that coward that used to be me.
Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey.
Don't tell me what to do. I have got parents who teach me. What's wrong and what's right. I hope your parents teach you the same.
I smile to make people smile. It doesn't mean I'm happy, it's just I like it when you smile.
Just because someone else in your life can't go on, shouldn't hold you from going on!
Those cramps you get in you back and stomach that hurt so bad you take four pain killers.
Exams are about to blow me back to middle school for a few years.