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And maybe in the roughest moments, is when our true colors come out.
We cry and say that we are okay, but when you leave its like no one really cares to find out what was wrong in the first place.
If a person has a bad addiction, don't tell them to stop immediately, help them stop at their pace. Put encourage them because you might be able to save their lives in the future.
Don't spend too much time in life explain yourself. Make it short and get straight to the point.
He liked my picture on Instagram. Oh my god. We are going to have kids.
Sometimes the best way to get over being sad is to act happy. And before you know it, you'll actually be happy!
You work so hard day in and out, trying to prepare for what have been previous failures. You go in confident and prepared, but in the end you still fail. Life never let's you have a win.
I hate being alone. It gives me time to think about everything that's wrong.
Just like that the memories came back, but not the good ones. The bad ones, and you remember why things turned out the way they did.
That expression on their face when you thank them for calling you weird is priceless.
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