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Moving on is hard. Especially when you gave him everything, and would do anything for him. Guys just don't understand anymore.
Treat me like a queen and i'll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I'll show you how it's played.
I need your love. I need your time. When every thing is wrong. You make it right.
The sky isn't always blue. The sun doesn't always shine. It's okay to fall apart sometimes.
The hardest thing is when the people closest to you hurt you. You let them in past the walls and they destroy everything inside.
When life gives you trouble, don't run away, show everyone how strong you are and face the problem.
We define ourselves by the best thing in us, not the worst that has been done to us.
Thank you for all of those who have hurt me. You haven't broke me. You have built me into a better person.
Sometimes life gives you lemons just to harass you with the fact that you can't make lemonade because you don't have the right tools or ingredients.
Why the hell should I think what others think of me? If I do so, what others will do?
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