Life is unfair? But behind those imperfection, there's always a reason that makes our life go beyond the word "fair".
Love doesn't have to be romantic. It just have to be real.
Don't get addicted to a person because if they like you, you are the best and if they don't, you are worst.
I have learnt to laugh my way through pain, no matter how much it still would hurt me and I’ll keep smiling.
In the fiction, happy ending is quite boring. Expected things are boring. Let's just continue it, shall we.
You can't easily get rid of someone who put a great impact on your story.
Screw this. Screw that. Maybe screw a little. I always believe I was the only one but so does everyone and everything.
You're a mess. I'm a mess. That perfectky fits us into one big mess.
Relationships don't thrive from short lived: passion, and connection, or unhealthy boundaries. They thrive on trust, unconditional love, and loyal hearts.
Fear holds back the most brilliant talents and creations. But love, courage, and hope, can conquer the biggest mountains!