That moment when you want to tell someone what you really think but know you will be risking a lot.
Why do we have a tendency to look beyond the ones who has always been there for us?
The moments that tear you make you strong. The moments that give you happiness build you. Every moment counts in your life.
Crying is not the solution. It makes you feel better but not stronger. Close your eyes and smile and you will be okay.
Makeup or no makeup. You still look beautiful to me.
You are pretty. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You are flawless. You simply slay and no one can tell you different unless you let them.
Positive thinking gets you along the way. Negative thinking gets you no where. Think about that the next time you get hurt.
People say love, but don't fall in love. But what if you fall in love with the person you love?
You know you have a best friend when you can sit in silence and just use facial expressions to communicate.
That awkward moment when people ask you to sign their yearbook and you end up writing the same generic phrase in every single one.